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Location de vélo à Verbier

The best value bike hire

Save up to 15% and book your Verbier bike rental online.

Verbier bike rental downhill enduro mountain bike electric

Bikes for all terrains and riders

We've got lightweight hard-tails for the climbers, downhill and enduro bikes for the keen descenders and cross-country full-suspension bikes for the all-rounders. Add kids bikes and full-suspension, mega powerful electric bikes and you've got a complete range.

Verbier bike rental free helmet

Free helmet included

Free helmet hire included with every Verbier bike rental for both adults and children. Simply select "+Free helmet" when booking online.

Scott Ransom - Verbier Enduro bike rentalEnduro
Scott Ransom

Scott Strike eRide - Verbier E-Bike rental
Scott Strike eRide

Scott Spark Verbier mountain bike rental
Scott Spark

Every terrain and rider covered

Verbier bike rental at Ski Service gives you choice. Hire hardtail mountain bikes, full-suspension downhill bikes, electric bikes, enduro bikes, kids bikes, helmets and body protection online to save both time and money. 

Why book online?

Book your Verbier bike rental online and benefit from a 15% discount on your equipment!  Here is our quick money saving comparison of our 3 most popular bikes!

Verbier Electric Full Suspension Bike Logo

Electric Full Suspension

1 Day
CHF 80
3 Days
CHF 220
6 Days
CHF 345
Verbier Downhill Bike Logo


1 Day
CHF 90
3 Days
CHF 240
6 Days
CHF 390
Verbier Full Suspension Bike Logo

Cross Country Full Suspension

1 Day
CHF 50
3 Days
CHF 125
6 Days
CHF 200


Sat 14°
Sun 13°
Mon 15°
Tue 12°
Wed -1°
Thu -2°

Part of the deal


Online discount

Book your Verbier bike rental online and save up to 15% through our website.

Free helmet included with every online rental



Bergamont bikes and electric bikes.


Verbier bike rental online discount Scott Sports

Scott Sports

Scott bikes, electric bikes, helmets and protection.


Giro glasses and accessories


Rental Days
1 day
2 days
3 days
4 days
5 days
6 days
Extra Days
Rental Days Hardtail
  Electric X-country Child
1 day 58.5 36 27
2 days 112.5 67.5 45
3 days 162 85.5 58.5
4 days 207 103.5 72
5 days 252 117 85.5
6 days 297 130.5 99
Extra days +45 +13.5 +13.5
Rental Days Full Suspension
  Electric X-country
1 day 72 59
2 days 135 116
3 days 198 172
4 days 252 225
5 days 288 278
6 days 310.5 303
Extra Days +22.5 +18
Rental Days Downhill and Enduro
  Downhill Enduro
1 day 81 72
2 days 153 135
3 days 216 198
4 days 270 252
5 days 315 288
6 days 351 310.5
Extra Days +36 +22.5


Lift pass

If you are staying in Verbier or the surrounding area, the Verbier Infinite Playground pass will be given to you by your host in Verbier. The VIP pass gives you access to everything you need during your stay.

50% off the bike park pass

With the VIP you will benefit from half off the cost a bike lift pass for the day!

Free lift use for hiking

You are free to use all of the open lifts for free as a pedestrian!

Free transport

The VIP pass grants you free roam of the Val de Bagnes using the Poste bus service. This is the perfect way to see the region! 

If you’re not staying in Verbier, the VIP pass is still available to you. You can get the pass at the ticket offices in Verbier where you can pay the tourist tax for the day. You can also simply buy a day pass for the bike park and lifts.


Lift opening hours

Verbier bike lift opening hours

Le Châble - Verbier

16.06 to 24.06
09:00 - 17:00
30.06 to 17.09
08:00 - 17:30
Every day
22.09 to 28.10
09:00 - 17:00
Verbier bike lift opening hours

Verbier - Les Ruinettes

16.06 to 24.06
09:00 - 17:00
25.06 to 29.06
Monday to Friday
30.06 to 17.09
08:00 - 17:00
Every day
18.09 to 26.10
09:00 - 16:45
Monday to Friday
22.09 to 28.10
09:00 - 17:00


Verbier La Chaux Express opening hours

La Chaux Express

07.07 to 26.08
08:30 - 16:30
Every day
01.09 to 17.09
08:30 - 16:30
+ Monday 17.09


Large order discount

All orders over CHF 600 benefit from a 12% discount. That's an extra 2% on top of the 10% online discount.

Trail and safety information

Be aware

Always keep in mind that pedestrians have the right of way on any trail. Be prepared to give way at all times. 

The world is your oyster!

On a bike you are allowed to ride down any trail you like! The mountain really is your playground!

Be safe

Trails often cross over one and other, always check before crossing another trail. Make sure you are always in control of your speed and direction. Respect any markings or signs, some of the trails can be dangerous. 


Everyone needs to refuel during a long day on the mountain. Luckily Verbier has loads of great restaurants to choose from. Here is our quick guide to three of our favorite spots to eat on the mountain!

Le Dahu

A great spot with an amazing view at the bottom of La Chaux. Le Dahu is an easy and central place to eat lunch, the pizza is not to be missed!

Chez Dany

An idyllic and delicious spot in the forest between Medran and Les Ruinettes. Chez Dany is a great restaurant to ride to using one of our electric bikes at lunch or for dinner. An institution in Verbier and a Ski Service staff favorite! 

Cabane Mont Fort

Heading to the top? Take a break at Cabane Mont Fort, sitting above La Chaux it's the perfect place to stop on the way to Gentianes. Cabane Mont Fort has great traditional Swiss food and an amazing view, it is also possible to stay over night here to make the most the long summer days!

A full list of all the restaurants open in Verbier over summer can be found here.

Verbier ski rental
Save up to 20%

Top end ski and equipment hire for your perfect winter holiday

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What we offer

At Ski Service we pride ourselves on offering the best service in town. Included in all of our Verbier ski rental packages are the following extras: 

Free Ski Storage

Free ski storage

As a Ski Service customer, there is no need to carry all of your kit around town. You can store your skis and boots overnight, free of charge, in our main shop in town or at our shop on the mountain. We will heat and dry your boots and have them ready for your in the morning. 

Ski Service Les Ruinettes

Ski Service Les Ruinettes

To summit up, we have a second shop on the pistes. Located just meters from the tele-cabin station at Les Ruinettes we have our second Ski Service store. Here you can store, swap, and service your equipment without needing to head down the mountain! We are the only shop in town to have a location on the mountain too.  

Free exchanges

Free exchanges

Conditions on the mountain can change daily as can your needs. Therefore at Ski Service you can swap any of your kit free of charge no questions asked. Our staff can advise you on what skis will be best for the snow conditions each day. Swap your skis, boots and more for free at Ski Service on the mountain or in town. 

Ski for free

Ski for free

Getting here early? Get some runs in on us! Book a ski pass for three days or longer and you can ski from 3pm the day before your first ski day. Free of charge. All ski passes of three days or more are automatically valid from 3pm the day before your start date. You can collect your ski hire from us the day before as well, also from 3pm onwards. 

Flexible with Ski Service

Flexible with Ski Service

We offer much greater flexibility than 3rd party rental companies should you need to lengthen or shorten your rental period. We can simply extend rentals at the same online rate or we can reimburse money directly in the shop if you return your equipment early.

A personal touch

A personal touch

Request specific models or let us know which skis you enjoyed last year to ensure you have the right gear this season. Having direct contact with the point of rental means it is easy to check with us what models and brands we have. Plans can change, that’s why we offer complete flexibility. Once you have booked you are free change the dates and length of your rental period.

Our skis

Take a peek at a selection of the skis that we offer:


Volkl Race Tiger SC 2019


Faction Candide 2.0 2019


Scott Scrapper 2019


Step into the Worldcup Rebels i.GSR and show off your on-piste skills. Keep your cool and stay in control even on steep terrain.

Faction Candide 2.0

The CT 2.0 turns the mountain into your playground with 102mm waist width and soft flex in the tip & tail for the freestylers/ freeriders looking to whip between turns or pop off those side-hits.

Scott Scrapper 115

With outstanding feedback and success in its first season, the award winning SCOTT Scrapper 115 has become the benchmark for the quiver freeski-ski.

Bonus your order

At Ski Service we offer so much more than the humble Verbier ski rental. Below are some examples of the extras you can add to your order:

Ski lessons

Ski Lessons

Never skied before? Or maybe you are an advanced skier looking to get some tips to gain that extra edge. Our ski school partners are Verbier's best rated ski schools, and will have you skiing like a pro in not time! As part of our Verbier ski rental system you can request a lesson from our partners for a time that best suits you.

Ski Pass

Book your ski pass

As part of the order process you can book your ski pass for Verbier and 4 Vallées with a simple click. As soon as we receive your order we will print your passes and have them ready for your arrival in our store in Verbier!

Ski hire delivery

Home Fitting

For orders over CHF300.- have your gear, lift passes and clothing delivered and expertly fitted in your hotel, chalet or apartment. At the end of your stay return everything to one of our shops. Just select the Delivery option on the Details step of the Verbier ski rental process and fill in the required details, we will take care of the rest. 

Book now


At Ski Service we take great care in making sure that your Verbier ski rental equipment is top of the range. Here is an example of some of the brands we stock: 


Rental network around Verbier

You have the choice between 3 of our shops around Verbier 

Ski Service Les Ruinettes

Ski Service Les Ruinettes

Verbier's one and only ski shop on the mountain. Located just across from the tele-cabins at the main station Les Ruinettes, we have our mountain top shop. Here you can rent, swap, service, store and return your equipment. It is quick and easy saving you time and allowing you to ski more. 

Ski Service Verbier

Ski Service Verbier

At the heart of town we have our main shop. 2 minutes walk from the Medran cabins you can be on the mountain within 10 minutes from leaving the store. This is the centre of our Verbier rental network and our largest store. Here you can store, rent, exchange, service and buy everything you need for your perfect ski holiday. 

Ski Service Hotel Montpelier

Ski Service Hotel Montpelier

Inside the Hotel Montpelier we have our 3rd shop in town. Perfectly convenient for staying in Verbier. You can rent, swap and store your equipment all within the comfort of the hotel.  

Choose from our Verbier ski rental packages

Platinum Verbier Ski Rental Package


The newest, lightest, fastest skis on the mountain. Our Platinum Verbier ski rental package is where you will find all of this and more. Our carbon freeride and piste skis will allow you to take the mountain by storm. 

Diamond Verbier Ski Rental Package


For experienced skiers looking to maximize their skiing.  The Diamond Verbier ski rental package has some of our most exciting skis. High end race skis from Volkl and Atomic, as well as our freeride skis. You are guaranteed to make the most of everything Verbier has to offer. 

Gold Verbier Ski Rental Package


There's no hiding it, you're a good skier and you need the kit to match. Look no further, our Gold Verbier ski rental package is just what you need. With a great selection of piste, freeride and freestyle skis our staff will fit you with the skis to suit your requirements. 

Just getting going?


Silver Verbier Ski Rental Package


For beginners we have our Silver Verbier ski rental package. If you have never skied before or if you are just getting back into it after a long break, our silver package is just for you. Our staff will fit you with all the equipment you will need to be cruising the alpine pistes with the best of them in no time. 



Getting the right fitting boot can change everything when skiing. Within our range of Premium boots you can find the perfect boot to take your skiing to the next level. 

Nordica Strider

Dabello Chakra

Dalbello Lupo

Nordica Strider 120

With a thirst for exploring the entire mountain, Nordica’s Strider 120 DYN embraces the toughest terrain. Its alpine hike mechanism affords a generous 46° range of motion to ensure you can venture uphill with ease. 

Dabello Chakra

The Chakra 85 is designed for athletic women who ski a wide variety of terrain and snow conditions. With all elements working together the Chakra 85 is the ideal choice for intermediate through advanced skiers.

Dabello Lupo

The Lupo is geared for skiers who want the versatility of a high performance freeride boot that also features tech inserts for touring. 

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What's your style?

Choosing the style of skiing you would like to do will give us an idea of the best skis for you. You are always able to change your skis if you would like. 


If you've never skied before or looking to get back into it after a long break, then this the style for you. Our staff will fit you with the perfect skis for you so that you will be cruising the pistes with the best of them in no time!

On piste

Sticking to the groomed slopes? Whether you're looking to glide with style and finesse or break a land-speed record, we have the skis for you. Our selection of racing skis such as, the Volkl Racetiger are top of the range for piste performance. Follow the link below to find out more about our full range of skis. 


It's no secret Verbier has some of the best off piste terrain in the world. Our selection of Freeride skis, like the Faction Dictator 4.0 or the Blizzard Rustler 11, are perfect to conquer all the terrain around. 

All Mountain

If you are looking to ski everything you can see from the lift our all mountain skis are perfect for you. Skis like the Blizzard Brahma are perfect for doing just this. Their rocker tip adds some extra float off piste without comprising on piste performance.



Do you want to find out more about the specific skis we have available? Click the link below to be taken to our information page with a full list of our skis. 


So you're looking to leave the marked trails and get into the back country.. Our touring skis, such as the Scott Speed Guide, are perfect for you. Their light weight construction and touring binding mean that you can venture into the quietest corners of the 4 Vallées with ease.

Good to know

Group booking

Booking for several people? No problem. Simply "add more" items to your cart when you are selecting equipment or passes. You can add each person person's bio metric info before confirming the order and you can even change the dates of individual items.

Multiple dates

If you need to book for several different periods, overlapping or not, simply add everything you need to cart. Then edit the dates before confirming the booking.

More than skiing

Snowboards, telemark skis, cross-country skis, touring skis, safety equipment, sledges, children's equipment, sensible footwear your mother would approve of, ski poles, so many freaking poles - if you are into poles; I mean... you just got come check them out. This but with poles.

Verbier 4 Vallées Piste Map

Verbier 4 Vallées Piste Map


This is the weather you can look forward to in Verbier