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Save up to 15% and book your Verbier bike rental online.

Verbier bike rental downhill enduro mountain bike electric

All terrains covered

We've got lightweight hard-tails for the climbers, downhill and enduro bikes for the keen descenders and cross-country full-suspension bikes for the all-rounders. Add kids bikes and full-suspension, mega powerful electric bikes and you've got a complete range.

Verbier bike rental free helmet

Free helmet included

Free helmet hire included with every Verbier bike rental for both adults and children. Simply select "+Free helmet" when booking online.

Scott Ransom - Verbier Enduro bike rentalEnduro
Scott Ransom

Scott Strike eRide 920 - Verbier E-Bike rental
Scott Strike eRide

Scott Spark Verbier mountain bike rental
Scott Spark

Scott Gambler Verbier Bike rental Downhill DH
Scott Gambler

Scott Genius eRide bike rental Verbier
Scott Genius eRide

Scott ebike rental Verbier
Scott Aspect eRide

Every terrain and rider covered

Verbier bike rental at Ski Service gives you choice. Hire hardtail mountain bikes, full-suspension downhill bikes, electric bikes, enduro bikes, kids bikes, helmets and body protection online to save both time and money. 

Why book online?

Book your Verbier bike rental online and benefit from a 15% discount including free helmet hire. Here are the starting prices of 3 popular bike categories.

Verbier e-bike rental - Ski Service bike shop


Scott Aspect eRide 910, Scott Strike eRide 920 (Premium), Scott Strike eRide 930 (Premium)

1 Day
CHF 110
3 Days
CHF 300
6 Days
CHF 495
Verbier Downhill Bike Logo


Scott Gambler 920, Scott Gambler 720, Bergamont Straightline Elite, Scott Gambler 710 (Premium)

1 Day
CHF 110
3 Days
CHF 300
6 Days
CHF 510
Verbier Full Suspension Bike Logo

Cross-country Premium

Scott Aspect eRide 940, Scott Aspect eRide 910, Bergamont E-Revox Sport

1 Day
CHF 65
3 Days
CHF 121.5
6 Days
CHF 230

Part of the deal


Free bike exchanges within the same category, simply pay the difference if you upgrade.

Online discount

Book your Verbier bike rental online and save up to 15% through our website.

Free helmet included

With every bike and ebike rental.



Bergamont bikes and electric bikes.


Verbier bike rental online discount Scott Sports


Scott bikes, electric bikes, helmets, protection, clothing and accessories.

Verbier e-bike rental Rocky Mlountain

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain e-bikes.

Verbier bike rental - Scott Genius
Scott Genius

Rental Days
1 day
2 days
3 days
4 days
5 days
6 days
Extra Days
Rental Days Hardtail
  Electric X-country
1 day 72 36
2 days 108 67.5
3 days 153 85.5
4 days 193.5 103.5
5 days 229.5 117
6 days 261 130.5
Extra days +27 +13.5
Rental Days Full Suspension
  Electric X-country
1 day 90 58.5
2 days 171 112.5
3 days 243 121.5
4 days 306 162
5 days 360 171
6 days 405 207
Extra Days +45 +40
Rental Days Downhill and Enduro
  Downhill Enduro
1 day 99 90
2 days 189 171
3 days 270 243
4 days 306 306
5 days 342 360
6 days 405 405
Extra Days +45 +40

extra    space

Large order discount

All orders over CHF 600 benefit from a 12% discount. That's an extra 2% on top of the 10% online discount.

Lift pass

CHF 20/day with the VIP pass.

If you are staying in Verbier or the surrounding area, the Verbier Infinite Playground pass (VIP pass) will be given to you by your host in Verbier.

The VIP pass gives you access to everything you need during your stay, including 50% off your Verbier bike pass.

Pedestrian lift passes, access to the swimming pool and local buses are completely free with the VIP pass.

If you are not staying in Verbier overnight or if you are staying in private accommodation, simply head to the Verbier tourist office or Le Châble lift station tourist office to pay the CHF4/day tourist tax and get free your VIP pass.

50% off bike lift pass

With the VIP you will benefit from half off the cost a bike lift pass for the day!

Free pedestrian lift pass

You are free to use all of the open lifts for free as a pedestrian!

Free buses

The VIP pass grants you free roam of the Val de Bagnes using the Poste bus service. This is the perfect way to see the region! 


Alternatively, you can also buy a simple day bike pass for Verbier without the VIP pass, CHF 39.

Lift opening hours
Verbier bike lift opening hours

Le Châble - Verbier

06.06 to 28.06
09:00 - 17:00
04.07 to 21.09
08:00 - 17:30
Every day
26.09 to 25.10
09:00 - 17:00
Verbier bike lift opening hours

Verbier - Les Ruinettes

06.06 to 28.06
09:00 - 17:00
06.06 to 03.07
Monday to Friday
04.07 to 21.09
08:00 - 17:00
Every day
22.09 to 25.10
09:00 - 16:45
Monday to Friday
22.09 to 25.10
09:00 - 17:00
26.06 to 30.10
Monday to Friday
Verbier La Chaux Express opening hours

La Chaux Express

04.07 to 30.08
08:30 - 16:30
Every day
31.08 to 21.09
08:30 - 16:30
+ Monday 21.09


Trail and safety information

Be aware

Always keep in mind that pedestrians have the right of way on any trail. Be prepared to give way at all times. 

The Valais is your oyster!

On a bike you are allowed to ride down any trail you like! The mountain really is your playground!

Be safe

Trails often cross over one and other, always check before crossing another trail. Make sure you are always in control of your speed and direction. Respect any markings or signs, some of the trails can be dangerous. 


Everyone needs to refuel during a long day on the mountain. Luckily Verbier has loads of great restaurants to choose from. Here is our quick guide to three of our favorite spots to eat on the mountain!

Le Dahu

Everyone needs to refuel during a long day on the mountain. Luckily Verbier has loads of great restaurants to choose from. Here is our quick guide to three of our favorite spots to eat on the mountain!

Chez Dany

An idyllic and delicious spot in the forest between Medran and Les Ruinettes. Chez Dany is a great restaurant to ride to using one of our electric bikes at lunch or for dinner. An institution in Verbier and a Ski Service staff favorite! 

Cabane Mont Fort

Heading to the top? Take a break at Cabane Mont Fort, sitting above La Chaux it's the perfect place to stop on the way to Gentianes. Cabane Mont Fort has great traditional Swiss food and an amazing view, it is also possible to stay over night here to make the most the long summer days!

View the complete list of which restaurants are open and when.

Maps & Apps

Our essential apps and maps picks for biking in and around Verbier.

Verbier Strava bike


Record your own rides and discover popular routes nearby.

App ›

Valais - Verbier bike


Regional routes, maps and useful info providing by the regional tourism organisation.

Website ›

resabike - book your bike onto the public buses


Reserve your a spot for your bike on the public buses for free.

Website ›

Trailforks - Verbier bike maps and info


Routes and detailed trail info.

Website › (Verbier)

App ›

Draw your custom routes

Switzerland Mobility

Detailed maps of all the hiking paths. You can bike on virtually all hiking paths in Switzerland. Draw your custom routes and export to app our gpx.

Website › (Verbier)

App ›



Essential live weather and forecasts. 

App ›

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