Our rental skis

Below is a list of all of the new rental ski model we have this ski season. The skis are sorted by terrain / type of ski. 

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If you would like to rent a specific ski, you can note it down in the 'comments' section on the details step of your booking; we do the rest.

If the ski you have requested is not available for any reason, our staff will fit you with a ski of the same style and quality.

We also have a range of snowboards, telemark skis, cross-country skis, safety equipment, accessories, clothing, sledges and more that are not listed on this page. To check them out, simply enter your dates here.

Piste / Race
Ski Model Price Category Sizes (cm)
Blizzard RTX Power Sliver 139 - 174
Blizzard Quatro RS 70 Diamond 160 - 180
Blizzard Firebird Diamond 154 - 178
Atomic Vantage WMN 75c Gold 140 - 161
Atomic Vantage 83 Silver 149 - 181
Atomic Redster X7 Diamond 156 - 175
Atomic Vantage Gold 140- 161
Head monster 83X Gold 156-177
Volkl RTM 79  Platinum 156 - 177
Volkl RTM 84  Platinum 162 - 182
Volkl Racetiger SC  Gold 133 - 175
Volkl Deacon 7.6 Gold 130 - 179
Volkl Deacon 8.0 Diamond 130 - 179
Volkl Deacon 79 Platinum 150 - 179
Scott SRV Silver 157 - 177
Scott SUV Silver 160 - 175
Scott SUW Silver 155 - 165



Piste and Race
All Mountain  / Freestyle
Ski Model Price Category Sizes (cm)
Faction Candide 2.0 Diamond 166 - 188
Faction Dictator 2.0 Diamond 163 - 183
Faction Dictator 2.0 X Diamond 155 - 175
Faction Prodigy 2.0 X Gold 159 - 189
Scott Slight 93 Diamond 160 - 180
Volk Mantra M5 Diamond 170- 191
Volk Secret 92 Platinum 149 - 170
Volk Kendo 88 Diamond 170 - 177
Scott Slight 83 W Diamond 158 -168
Scott Slight 100 Diamond 168 -188
Blizzard Rustler 9  Gold 164 - 188
Blizzard Black Pearl 88 Gold 145 - 163
Blizzard Brahma Gold 166 - 187
Blizzard Bushwacker Gold 149- 180
Head Wild Joy Platinum 153 - 168
Nordica Enforcer 93 Gold 169 - 185
Atomic Punx 5 Gold 169 - 185
Kästle FX 85 Diamond 181


All Mountain and Freestyle
Freeride / Touring
Ski Model Price Category Sizes (cm)
Head Kore 99 Diamond 162-189
Faction Dictator 4.0 Diamond 180-192
Faction Dictator 3.0 Diamond 174-186
Faction Candide 3.0 Diamond 174-186
Scott Scrapper 95 Diamond 182-189
Scott Scrapper 105 Diamond 175-189
Scott Scrapper 115 Diamond 182-189
Scott Super Guide 88 W Diamond 154-168
Scott Superguide 95 Diamond 168-184
Blizzard Rustler 10 Diamond 164-188
Blizzard Cochise Diamond 171
Blizzard Zero G 95 Gold 164-185
Line Sakana Platinum 174-181
Line Sick Day 104 Diamond 172-186
DPS Wailer A 112 Platinum 178-190
DPS Wailer 99 Alchemist Platinum 178-190
Volk VTA 80 Diamond 150-175
Volk VTA 98 Platinum 150-175
Volk VTA 108 Platinum 150-175
Nordica Enforcer 104 Diamond 165-195
Kästle BMX 105 Diamond 165-189
Black Diamond Helio 105 Diamond 185
Black Diamond Helio 88 Diamond 178


Freeride and Touring
Kids / Junior
Ski Model Price Category Sizes (cm)
Faction CT 2.0 YTH Junior 145 - 165
Faction Prodigy 0.5 Junior 105 - 155
Blizzard RC JR Junior 130 - 150
Blizzard RTX JR Junior 130 - 150
Blizzard Rustler Team Junior 140 - 150
Salomon TNT Jr Kids / Junior 120- 140
Volk Revolt Kids / Junior 118- 148
Nordica little belle 7.0 Kids / Junior 120- 150


Enfants / Junior

What do the types of ski mean?

Piste / Race

This refers to skis that are designed to perform best on the groomed slopes. The higher category race and piste skis will be excellent for carving and making the most of the hundreds of kilometres of piste that the 4 Vallées offers. The lower category piste skis are perfect learners, or those looking to cruise around with ease.  

Piste / Race skis are skinny underfoot in order to make the edge to edge transition as efficient as possible. They normally have traditional camber underfoot this makes the ski more stable when skiing on the groomed slopes. Higher performance piste skis will be stiff, this keeps the ski stable under high speed and reduces the chattering noise softer skis can make when under heavy pressure. 

All Mountain / Freestyle

This refers to skis that are designed to go everywhere and do anything. If the conditions are variable or you are someone that likes to ski everything possible these are the skis for you. The higher category skis such as the Faction CT 2.0 are perfect if you're looking to go to the snowpark. 

All Mountain / Freestyle skis will often be slightly wider underfoot than piste skis in order to give extra float in soft snow. In order to excel in variable snow these skis are often less stiff than Piste / Race skis. All Mountain / Freestyle skis often have a mixture of reverse and traditional camber in order to both float in powder and perform well on piste /groomers. 

Freeride / Touring

These are skis designed for leaving the marked trails and making the most of the stunning terrain that Verbier has to offer. Skis such as the Scott Speedguide are perfect if you are planning on going touring and need a light, yet strong ski to venture into the back country with. 

Freeride / Touring skis are often much wider underfoot than Piste / Race skis. This will make them less easy to control on pistes / groomers. They will almost always have reverse camber in order to give them maximum float and control in powder snow. They can also be much lighter than Piste / Race skis in order for them to perform well off piste and to make them lighter to tour with. 

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