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Our rental equipment is top of the range, however if you are looking to take your skiing to the next level then buying equipment can help do just that. 

Why buy?

Fit for you

<p>Our trained sales staff will work with you in order to find the best equipment to suit your needs and style. Our state-of-the-art foot scanning machine creates a 3D model of your foot and allows our boot fitters to give you the best possible boot for your feet and ability.&nbsp;</p>

Summer storage

There is no need to worry about how to get your equipment home with you. With Ski Service you can store your skis with us when you leave Verbier. We'll keep then in our secure storage facility until you return. Simply give us a call or an email and we will prepare them ready for your arrival. 

Try before you buy

With Ski Service you can try skis and boots before you buy them. We have a large range of our sales stock models in rental. This allows you to try a pair of skis before you buy them. If you decide to buy them we will take the price of the day's rental off of the price of the ski! 


For the 2019 / 2020 we have a full range of cutting edge skis. No matter what your style, our trained sales staff can pair you with a ski that is guaranteed to suit your needs! Below you can find a full list of our sales skis. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a trail, feel free to drop us a message in the live chat on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. 

All Mountain / Freestyle
Brand Model
Faction Candide 2.0
Volk Kendo 88
Blizzard Black pearl
Blizzard Rustler 9
Scott Slight 93
Line Sakana
Line Sick Day 104


Piste / Race
Brand Model
Head Worldcup Rebels i gsr
Volkl Deacon 7.9


Freeride / Touring
Brand Model
Faction Dictator 4.0
Faction Dictator 3.0
Scott Scrapper 115
Scott Scrapper 95
Scott Scrapper w 105
Scott Speed Guide 80
Scott Super Guide 105
Volkl VTA 98
Volkl VTA 108
Volkl Secret 92
Blizzard Zero G 105
Nordica Enforcer 104


All Mountain / Freestyle

Faction Candide 2.0

Scott Slight 93

The CT 2.0 turns the mountain into your playground with 102mm waist width and soft flex in the tip & tail for the freeriders looking to whip between turns or pop off those side-hits.

Line Sick Day 104

the LINE Sick Day 104 is here for your all-mountain needs. Featuring Magic Finger Carbon Filaments combined with a lightweight aspen core, the Sick Day 104 can take you from deep in the backcountry to first chair groomer turns with ease. Versatile, stable, and ready for whatever you can throw at it, this is the best ski for all-terrain, all the time. 

Blizzard black pearl

Scott Slight 83 W

As the world's best selling women's ski, the Black Pearl 88 shines as the versatile, all-around ski offering the ultimate ride through all types of terrain. With an 88 mm waist, and a women's specific Carbon Flipcore W.S.D. construction, the Black Pearl 88 performs on groomers, in the trees, through bumps and in powder. Its lightweight construction, early rise tip and tail, and camber underfoot make this ski a go-to for ripping female skiers as well as those looking for the confidence to up their game.

Blizzard Rustler 9

Blizzard Rustler 9

The Rustler 9 is an all-mountain freeride ski that loves everything the mountain can throw at it. It is founded on two signature concepts, Carbon Flipcore D.R.T Technology and an innovative waist concept: the longer the ski, the wider the waist which gives ambitious freeriders and all-mountain skiers more versatility and float, even on steep terrain. The smooth rocker-camber-rocker profile make it responsive and stable yet super playful in all snow conditions and on any type of terrain. The Rustler 9 is the one-ski quiver for the progressive all-mountain freeride skier.

Scott slight 93

SCOTT is always striving to bring skiers to the next level of performance. Introducing the SCOTT Slight 93, the newest generation of crossover skis. Utilizing a revolutionary combination of unidirectional and triaxial carbon with a lightweight composite wood core and aramid fibers in a sandwich construction. With a 15m-turn radius the SCOTT Slight 93 will elevate any skiers abilities.

Volk Kendo 88

The new Kendo with 88 mm middle width shines with an impressive carving-performance due to the three different radius in the sidecut. The perfect ski to enjoy the slopes and discover the backcountry. 

Piste / Race

Head Worldcup rebels i gsr

  Step into the Worldcup Rebels i.GSR and show off your on-piste skills. Keep your cool and stay in control even on steep terrain.

Volk Deacon 7.9

The Deacon 76 redefines the way you experience the slopes. This ski unites an ultra-competitive with a playful concept and allows you to ski long turns at top speed with maximum creativity. The 3D.Glass construction with speedwall mulitlayer wood core and powered by Titanium comes with a full sidewall and a P-Tex 4504 base. The new UVO 3D makes for an incredibly smooth ride.




Freeride / Touring

Scott scrapper 105

Scott scrapper 105

The Scrapper 105 is the new choice of progressive all-mountain skiers. With a full-length Elliptic wood core, unidirectional and triaxial carbon stringers, and SCOTT’s 3Dimension sidecut, the Scrapper 105 has been engineered to increase stability and shed weight. The Scrapper 105 is a playful ski that performs in a variety of conditions.

Scott Scrapper 105 women's ski

Scott scrapper 105 women

The Scrapper 105 W is the new choice of progressive all-mountain skiers. With a full-length Elliptic wood core, unidirectional and triaxial carbon stringers, and SCOTT’s 3Dimension sidecut, the Scrapper 105 has been engineered to increase stability and shed weight. The women specific version of the Scrapper 105 is built with an air-channeled wood core for a softer and lighter set-up.The Scrapper 105 W is a playful ski that performs in a variety of conditions.

Scott Speed Guide 80

Line Sakana

The SCOTT Speedguide 80 is an uphill speed machine with a level of downhill performance that shocks everyone who gets on them. Speedguide 80 features a progressive sidecut, carbon stringers and an elliptical wood core for increased torsion and stability.

Volk VTA 98

Line Sick Day 104

The uphill-oriented VTA 98 replaces the Nanuq and offers the best possible skiing performance while on the descent. The 98mm waist is suited for solid flotation in softer snow, while offering light weight for climbing and easy handling on harder snow conditions. It features all of our touring technologies, including a lightweight multi-layer wood core, touring optimized tip shape, and a carbon tip stabilizer. It also features the ICE.OFF top sheet, designed to keep snow from sticking and further optimizing weight reduction when the skier needs it most.

Volk VTA 108

Volk VTA 108

The VTA 108 entered Völkl’s freeride touring collection as a ski dedicated to combining climbing characteristics with great downhill performance in soft or variable snow. The 108mm waist is able to float in powder but is not so wide as to limit performance should things turn firm. It brings all of our touring technologies to bear, including a lightweight multi-layer wood core, touring optimized tip shape, and a carbon tip stabilizer. It also features the ICE.OFF top sheet, designed to keep snow from sticking and further optimizing weight reduction when the skier needs it most.

Volk Secret 92

Volk secret 92

The new Secret 92 comes like the 102 with Titanal Frame and Carbon Tips for more stability and dampening. The slim edition of the Secret also features the revolutionary 3 radius sidecut geometry along the full sidewall. This special geometry is 100% adjusted to the tip & tail rocker construction. Depending on the rider's speed or edge angle the effective edge becomes longer or shorter and the matching sidecut radius provides hold, maneouverability or smooth operation. The Secret is the number one recommendation for the charging freeride ladies out there. You're style is hell bent for leather, here's the Secret to realize your goals.

Blizzard Zero G 105

Scott Speed Guide 80

The Blizzard Zero G 105 are a true lightweight backcountry ski that can still handle variable conditions and even the resort's groomers.

Scott Scrapper 115

Faction Dictator 3

With outstanding feedback and success in its first season, the award winning SCOTT Scrapper 115 has become the benchmark for the quiver freeski-ski. Utilizing SCOTT’s carbon/wood core construction the Scrapper 115 combines all the ingredients of a winner; Powerful and ultra-stable everywhere, yet light and nimble when needed.

Nordica enforcer 104

Blizzard Zero G 95

If you’re a progressive skier searching for the perfect daily driver, it’s time to meet your soulmate—the Enforcer 104 Free. Powerful and poppy, it’s at home everywhere and anywhere.


For the 2019 / 2020 season we have a wide range of ski boots for sale, all with different fits and styles. Below there is a full list of the boots we have on sale. If you would like learn more about a specific pair please don't hesitate to drop us a quick message in the live chat. 

Brand  Model 
Scott  Super Guide Carbon
Scott  Celeste III
Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro
Tecnica Cochise light 130
Tecnica Cochise 120
Tecnica Cochise 95
Tecnica Mach 1 MV 120
Tecnica Mach 1 LV 130
Dalbello Lupo ax120
Dalbello Lupo pro hd
Dalbello Panterra 130
Dalbello DS 90
Nordica Strider 130
Head Nexo lyt X110
Head Nexo lyt X W 100
Full Tilt First chair 10



Dalbello Lupo AX 120

The Lupo AX 120 has a 100mm last that makes the legendary fit and performance of the Lupo's Cabrio design available to more skiers by offering a wider last. This crossover Freeride/Touring boot can be used equally well inside the resort or out.

Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro

Tecnica Zero G tour Pro

The power of lightness. To date, ski touring has involved compromising downhill performance to save on weight. Those days are now over. The Zero G Tour Pro weighs just 1,320 grams, thanks to it's carbonfiber-Grilamid cuff, and boasts a 55° range of motion in hike mode. A 4-buckle design with a true flex of 130 makes the ZG Tour Pro second to none in downhill performance. So, feel free to go farther, higher, bigger, and faster. The Tour Pro will take you there.

Tecnica Cochise 95

Tecnica Cochise 95 W

The Cochise 95 W is perfect for the advanced female skier looking for performance, fit and function. A lightweight shell makes a short hike up to your next freeride run an easy undertaking. The 4-buckle construction and Power Light Design give it impressive performance on the downhill. The shell and liner with C.A.S. also offer numerous fit solutions for personalized customization. The merino toe box is a real bonus, keeping your toes cozy on the coldest of days.

Tecnica Cochise 120

Tecnica Cochise 120

The Cochise 120 DYN is a real freeride boot. An ultra-light shell and motion range of 42° in hike mode turn the short ascent or traverse up to the next powder run into a walk in the park. On the downhill, a flex rating of 120 and the 4-buckle construction give it impressive performance. The shell and liner offer fit solutions for personalized customization.

Dalbello Lupo Pro HD

Tecnica Coshise 105w

Built for all the freeride touring skiers who dare to go to the limit. The PU-Polyamide construction is made to resist and deliver. The ID Max Light liner compensates any decent weight disadvantage.

Nordica Stryder 130

Dalbello Lupo 130

Nordica’s Strider 120 DYN embraces the toughest terrain. Built around a versatile 100mm last, it sports an aggressive flex just slightly more forgiving than the Strider Pro 130 DYN. Its alpine hike mechanism affords a generous 46° range of motion to ensure you can venture uphill with ease. Yet the boot truly shines when the mechanism is locked-out in ski mode, allowing its fully intact spine to provide exceptional power and response for the descent. 

All mountain

Scott Celeste III

The SCOTT Celeste III blends lightweight performance and agility, in a boot that has been specifically designed for women’s feet. The Rear Hook Walk System is simple, strong, and dependable, delivering powerful energy transfer for the descent and a high range of mobility for walking.

Scott Superguide Carbon

Nordica Strider

The lightweight SCOTT Superguide boot is mobile and comfortable on the ups, with solid, precise stability on the downs. The Rear Hook Walk System is simple, strong, and dependable, allowing a high range of friction-free motion for walking with powerful energy transfer. The "buckle-ratchet" locking systems enables an easy and quick cuff adjustment.

Tecnica Cochise light 130

Full tilt first chair 10

The Cochise Light is the answer for those who are looking for the perfect skiboot for freetouring but need support and great performance to control wider skis, in every condition. Grilamid, combined with the Power Light bi-injection design, results in top performance in just 1600 grams. The Tecnica Light Fit liner gives a precise and anatomical fit.

Tecnica Mach 1 MV 120

Tecnica Mach 1 MV 110

Powerful skiers looking to up their game will appreciate the combination of direct transfer of power, optimal control and comfort the Mach1 120 MV provides. Built on a Mid Volume, 100 mm wide last the MV version is the ideal choice for people with “regular” shaped feet and has outstanding out-of-the-box fit. The shell and liner, with the C.A.S. custom fit system, offer more fit solutions for extra fine tuning.

Tecnica mach 1 lv 130

Mach1 stands for pure performance and precise fit with an ultimate level of customization. High performance skiers looking to up their game will appreciate the directness of the new Asymmetrical Power Transmission shell. The newly redesigned low volume 98mm last which is supported by the C.A.S. fit system, delivers the ultimate level of power, comfort and control. The new LV 130 lives up to the Mach1 name.

Full tilt first chair 10

The First Chair 10 is here for all day, all mountain ripping. Featuring a customisable Intuition® Pro Liner, metal buckles, a Flex 10 Tongue, and a design sure to get you noticed, the First Chair 10 is the best ski boot to send everything in your path. Cruise through chutes, slash up powder, rally down groomers, or boost in the park, the First Chair 10 will help you nail it all.


Dalbello Panterra 130

Dalbello Chakra

For all-mountain skiers who demand the ultimate versatility and comfort, the all-new Panterra 130 ID GW ushers in a new era, maintaining the legendary fit and variable last features that the boot is known for in a slimmer, lighter, more attractive package - now available for both men and women.

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