Get your own ski boots

The perfect ski boot customised for your feet
Why buy your own ski boots?

Getting a completely customised ski boot can make skiing even more fun. We customise the boot from the footbed to the shell and try to achieve the perfect fit for your feet.

The process
Verbier boot fitting booking

Make an appointment

Book via this page or call  +41 (0)27 771 67 70 to make an appointment with our boot fitter. You can also walk-in and book in-store.

Verbier boot fitting scan

3D Scan of your feet

With the latest technology our boot fitter will 3D scan your feet and will carry out biomechanics testing.

Find the perfect boot

Together with our boot fitter you will chose the best boot that will cover your needs and the needs of your feet.


The perfect fit

The footbed is the foundation of the ski boot so we start there. Then he will adapt the liner and the shell. 

Test your new ski boots

You can now test your new ski boots!


If you still have some places we’re there is some discomfort you can always come back and our boot fitter will do the adjustments.

Who's our boot fitter?


His name is Dorian. He's been a boot fitter since 2003. Before he came to Verbier he worked as a boot fitter in Geneva, Chamonix and Avoriaz. He attended the University in Grenoble where he studied biomechanics, after his studies he followed a course at the Sidas academy where he successfully graduated in the black level he also reached the highest level in the Master-fit course. 

FAQ in boot fitting answered by our boot fitter

I bought my ski boots in another store can you work on them?

- Yes, of course. We work on all ski boots bought in our shop or anywhere else.

How long does it take?

- To buy new ski boots it usually takes 1h30min.

- To modify ski boots takes between 30min and 45min (if we need to work on the shell we keep your boots overnight).

- To build a fully customised footbed takes 45min. 

Which kind of boots can we fit?

- Everything from racing to touring boots

Can I change my liner?

- Yes, we have different kinds, thermo formable or foam injected liners.

Verbier boot fitting expert