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BIO: I started competing at 14 and it took me a few years to really know how to channel my energy and not to force it too hard either. A run ends when you get to the bottom.
I think the competition clearly pushed my skiing.
I also think that sometimes you have to distance yourself from the competition in order not to have a limited insight into what it is possible to do and ski for yourself.
So what I like about freeriding and skiing in general is the number of possibilities that exist on the mountain, it varies depending on how everyone interprets the mountain and I find it really cool. For me, the feeling of freedom that we can feel in the mountains comes from the fact that in the end we are always obliged to listen and observe our environment. We must not forget that nature will always be stronger than man and we must respect this at the risk of sometimes putting ourselves in danger. Despite that, the most important thing in my opinion is to have fun. If we have more fun, what's the point of continuing. 
I've always liked trying things my way and freeride skiing is a bit like a liberation in that sense. Advice and warnings are always welcome. 
A great gentleman said: <<< Every ski day is a good day >> 
I think that sums it up quite well.
Date of Birth: 21.07.1999
Instagram : @dylanlavenex

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